Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Please consider...

After reading Marzano’s book, I realized that the feedback style I received as a student, is the same I hope to give to my students. Health and physical education teachers are often considered specialists and many people believe that grades in these courses are unnecessary. In order to change this perspective, assessment needs to be changed to show that learning is happening, and this can begin with feedback. The assessment plan should be full of assessments given for each domain.

Especially in physical education, it is important to realize that many students will not want to continue participating if they do not succeed. When creating a curriculum, it is important to make sure that options are always given for students in order to create a positive learning environment. Also, teachers should note that if a student is not succeeding, there must be some sort of corrective feedback to help the student and attempt to keep them less frustrated.

When creating an assessment plan, it is very important to include both formative and summative assessments. I feel that in health and physical education, it is easy to incorporate those assessments because they can be part of any activity. Currently, there is not much of a push for these assessments, so it is important to revamp any assessment plans that are in place now.

Marzano feels that standards have created many problems in the United States. I would agree with this because there is a lot of content to follow. In health and physical education, it is important to remember that while each class has limited time, getting skills completed is one of the most important standards to complete. It is quite possible that all of the standards will not be completed.

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