Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Once upon a time there was this student who...

Once upon a time there was this student who did very poorly in school. Penelope was on her way to failing all her classes when her “parents felt instead of just failing her, she should be tested” (T.S., May 18, 2009). They felt that if Penelope was going to succeed, she might need to be placed into a different section of the class. Her parents quickly did some reading and found that their student may need a new teaching style because “multiple intelligences identify and help explain the vast differences in the ways in which people learn” (L.K., May 16, 2009).

The teacher was a young man that felt he was always right no matter what. It was his first year teaching and he was not going to let just any student mess up his perfect class. He responded to the parents concerns by attempting to change the topic. He said, “‘Although teachers sometimes struggle with creating quality goals and objectives to meet state and national standards’ (D.H., May 13, 2009), I have never had any issues with this.”

Penelope’s parents were floored with this response and went straight to the administration, who seemed to have little advice as well. The administration looked over Penelope’s file and saw how poorly her tests and in class assignments were. Her parents repeatedly told them that she needs to take a multiple intelligence test, but all the administration had to say was “ I recommend that teachers seek alternative methods of assessment that are authentic and provide students with an equal playing field for success” (T.L., May 19, 2009). Penelope’s parents left in disgust with themselves because they knew how important it is to “understand and get to know a school” (R.P., May 12, 2009) and now had to deal with the consequences.

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